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Make Money Using Our Whatsapp Bulk Sender And Number Verifier Software


Being on this page means that you are interested in our Whatsapp verifier software. This software can filter unlimited numbers with the ability to save only numbers active on whatsapp. If you are planning to go into whatsapp bulk marketing then this software is a must. It can generate mobile numbers of any country and filter it for you. Here are the features:

1. It sends bulk messages to a list of whatsApp numbers for free. (Automated).

2. It can send bulk messages as many times as you want with no limitation.

3. You can send the bulk messages to as many numbers as you can upload on the software, no limitations.

4. Once activated, the software has no expiration. 

5. You can customize messages inside the software to suit your taste.

6. It filters your list of numbers to remove fake and wrong phone numbers.

7. You can generate real phone numbers from the software by location!

This is the software we have being using for 3 years now and have made thousands of dollars with it. We finally made it public so that you can benefit from it and render the service or promote your services with it. 


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